Pungenna Art - Aboriginal Tasmania

Respecting our Ancestors, Country and Culture...

Welcome - Pungenna - Aboriginal Art Tasmania

The Pungenna Community respectfully acknowledge our
Ancestors the Original Traditional Custodians of this region,
the People of the Paredarerme nation

Pungenna Arts / Crafts and Cultural centre is a project of
Parrdarrama Pungenna Aboriginal Corporation ICN 7133
(central east coast Tasmania)

Our projects are based within pydairerme, portmirminna and
mumirminna country within the paredarerme language region

Language words used on this website are from the
paredarerme language group of Trouwunna (Tas),
one of the 8 original traditional languages of Trouwunna.

Elder Leita ... custodian of country
custodian of country...

tialapu tunapee tromermanner - to keep the knowledge of our own country
Welcome - Pungenna Art - Aboriginal artists Welcome - Pungenna Art - Aboriginal artists


All profits from our sales commissions go back
into the Parrdarrama Pungenna community.
('Pungenna' - Aboriginal Tasmanian descendants whose
cultural identity is Aboriginal Tasmanian and also those
of Koori decent). We welcome other Indigenous
Australians living in the central east coast to participate in
the Pungenna Art and Cultural centre at Murdunna
and also in our NAIDOC events.

Pungenna Art Trouwunna (Tas)

All art and images are covered by copyright, no art / image
may be used without the written permission of the sites curator

To purchase Arts and Crafts contact:
the curator / coordinator
Judith MacDonald OR
PPAC Contact person
Mr Lee Prouse
email: pungennacommunity@gmail.com

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Projects of the Pungenna community - 2011


Welcome - Pungenna - Aboriginal Art Tasmania Welcome - Pungenna - Aboriginal Art Tasmania

Monday 4th July
NAIDOC Flag raising Tasman School Nubeena
School BBQ provided by PPAC
Arts/Crafts and Cultural exhibition @ the DNH 4th - 8th
Tuesday 5th.. Cultural Awareness talk @ the DNH
Tuesday 5th.. Community morning tea provided by the PPAC
Wednesday 6th.. Tasman Kindergarten attend Cultural Awareness @ the DNH
Wednesday 6th.. Elder Leita talks to the Tasman School assembly
Wednesday .. Elder Rosalind and Judith attend Tasman School grade 8 art class
to provide Cultural Awareness/ Sharing Knowledge project..
(traditional rope making and ochre on nugalangtha(brush possum) skin,
and a brief explanation of traditional arts/crafts, music tecniques and
traditional hunting sticks and digging sticks.)

Welcome - Pungenna - Aboriginal Art Tasmania Welcome - Pungenna - Aboriginal Art Tasmania

* 21 st January:bush foods walk - Premaydena and Cooks rd
...sharing bush foods knowledge by Elder Rosalind and Judith
assisted by Dale and Kirra we took a group of 10 children on a
learning walk...

*January Tasman Art show - Nubeena
* Febuary Eagle Hawk neck
* March Seniors morning tea

* March 19th Bream Creek Show - crafts tent
cultural display and art / craft sales...

* March 29th Cultural Awareness project

* TDPAC Quarterly meeting: Kerry with Elders Rosalind and Leita
meeting April 2011

* April .. Pungenna Arts and Crafts Easter market shop

* May ... Cultural Awareness X 5 days

* Cultural display hire

*July NAIDOC week
-Dunalley arts and crafts exhibition
and cultural awareness
-Tasman BBQ and flag raising ceremony

* August IBA business workshop A
* Pungenna trip to CHAC

*September Culutral awareness program cont..

November 2011 - Febuary 2012
lyetta prenna ( mens spear making project )

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and then click on 'events and gatherings' )